Uniquely efficient technology for tomorrow’s energy

The sun, the greatest source of available energy, generates approximately 1,08 × 10 18 kWh per annum – about 10,000 times more than the world’s primary energy requirements. Part of this solar energy can be transformed into electrical power with the help of photovoltaics. The economic and ecological advantages of solar power have become increasingly important over recent years. But if solar power and the related equipment are to become economically relevant in terms of energy, the capacity available for manufacturing photovoltaics must be significantly increased and costs further reduced.

This is where the SunCarrier comes into play: Thanks to its unique and patented design, our system is redefining standards for photovoltaics and revolutionising the market. With a module surface area of up to 287.5 square meters (3,094.61 square feet), the SunCarrier – presuming standard modules are fitted – provides an average output of 38 kWp. If innovative high-efficiency modules are used, output can be increased up to 53 kWp per tracking system. At any given location in Spain, this would be the same as supplying more than 30 households with power, each consuming 3,500 kWh per annum.


The most reliable solar tracking system in the world

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